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About US

At PIT ( Panacea Innovative Technologies ), we endorse
and are cognizant of the fact that in today’s dynamic
business environment with its ever-changing demands
the key to not just survival but continuous success is
At the heart of our existence, we are inspired by how
Technology is becoming not a mere facilitator but a spirit
that drives and enables better ways to evolve as
businesses, as communities and as societies. This is why
we need to stop reacting to change in a reactionary
fashion and start evolving...
Now as a Panacea Innovative Technologies company,
we are poised to leverage our expertise and global
footprint to be the true Infrastructure Evolution Partner to
While you focus on your core business competencies, we
will take care of your infrastructure needs with
unmatched SLAs, highly scalable infrastructure, and
PIT Is Your Infrastructure Evolution Partner
The breadth of our customers cuts across diverse
industry verticals including banking and financial
services,Insurance, e-commerce, Healthcare,
Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, IT, Logistics,
Hospitality, and Education.
Whatever be the business or technology demands, we
work with you as partners in this journey of evolution.

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